The Berry Family of Central Texas

Then and Now

Rio Grande High School

Albuquerque, NM




This photo is actually from my Senior year.  The Science Club
photo on earlier pages is from my Sophomore year.

I have no idea who wrote the text, it doesn't sound
like something I'd write.  Perhaps Karen Watson?


Karen Watson - Editor

Karen lived on the street behind me.  I remember her
back to Junior High.   She was friendly and well-liked
by everyone. 

Frank Andrews

Frank lived "down the hill past the canal".  We were
in band together in Junior High and built control
line flying model airplanes. 

Mary Abeyta

I sat next to Mary in typing - in the backroom
behind a glass partition.  We were the fastest
typists in the class and got to use the
electric typewriters. 

Kerry Bemis

Kerry and I hung out a bit.  This photo is from the
Creative Writing Club - I guess he didn't get
his photo taken for the yearbook.  His dad was
Mr. Kleen the wrestler.  Kerry joined the
Navy after graduation.  One day the FBI came by
to interview me so he could get a
Top Secret clearance.  I hope it worked
out for him.  

Ernest Candelaria

I knew Ernie in High School and then he worked
at Montgomery Wards with my mother. 

Larry Duffy

Larry and I developed an interest in radio and got our
Amateur Radio licenses about the same time.  His
call was WA5BEA and mine was WA5AME.  We
hung out a lot with Mike Langner K5MGR, who is
a long-time notable radio host in Albuquerque. 

Wayne Sage

Wayne and I hung out and played with stereo radios
when stereo was really new.
He had something like a 1949 Plymouth - with bad
brakes.  One time we got pulled over because a
cop noticed him pumping the brakes.  We were
told not to move the vehicle - get it towed.  After
he left we drove home, watching for cops all the way. 

Darrell Gentry

I had Mr. Gentry for Chemistry I and Chemistry II. 
I greatly enjoyed both class, especially since
Chem II was a very small class and we had a
lot of freedom. 

Mr. Gentry liked to fly fish but he evidently
didn't like to drive.  In exchange for
driving him, he showed me the Pecos Wilderness
and the Mora River.  He knew where to rent
pack horses and we would pack into the wilderness
for a couple of days - beautiful country. 

Manuel Olguin

I never talked with Mr. Olguin much and 
got C's in Physics until we got to electronics in
which I excelled.  One day he approached me on the
way to class, congratulated me, and shook my
hand.  It seems I had placed in the top 5% on
the Statewide Physics Exam - a great surprise to
both of us!


Judith Formes

Ms. Formes taught me World History my senior year.
While some of the kids were cut-ups and
obviously annoyed her, I enjoyed the
class and read extensively, including Toynbee's works
on the history of civilization.  That must have impressed
her - she let me and another student draft the Final Exam
and graded us separately. 




Linda McLean

I had Ms. McLean for Biology and did I ever
pay attention - to the extent that I got A's
without taking any notes - I just watched and
listened!  I think she was somewhat self-conscious
of her attractiveness - I heard she had been in the
Miss New Mexico pageant.  When she wrote on the
blackboard she would look over her shoulder to
see who was watching.  I think it was Larry Beall
who along with myself were always watching.  

I see now in the yearbook that she was a
Tennis Club sponsor.  Had I know that I would
have taken up tennis then instead of much
later in life.