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Until May 1st of 2006 two activities occupied my time more than any others, work at IBM and work on the house and yard. 

Now that I've retired, I don't know how I ever had time to work!  It seems that my to-do list never gets any shorter, and the end of the day comes before I finish the day's jobs.  (But I may sneak in a nap here and there.)

My retirement plan was to do nothing for at least six months then decide if I need to find something to keep me active.  I don't think that's going to be a problem. 

During my first year of retirement, I had a consulting contract with NASA Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in California.  I can't discuss the specifics but it had to do with software engineering for future manned spacecraft missions.  Most of the work was from home but I did take a couple of trips to visit the team at Moffett.  I worked with them a few years ago on mission planning for the Mars Exploration Rover project and visited them at that time.  It was very exciting work and they were enthusiastic about some of the design approaches I helped to develop. 

I also worked with Tony Temple on a Web site to share our experience in software and systems design.  Tony was an IBM Fellow and the IBM Vice-President for Ease of Use.  I worked with Tony for nearly twenty years and worked for him for the last eleven before I retired.  He also retired in 2006.  I was very fortunate to retire as an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Director of Outside-In Design Methods, which focused on designing for customer and user needs.  Tony lives near Warwick in the UK and I was very fortunate to make occasional trips there.     

I now spend more time on hobbies and travel.  I have maintained an Amateur Radio license since 1961 and am spending more time talking to other hams worldwide.  We bought an RV in 2005 and have been doing a bit more travel every year.  It's a 36' fifth-wheel pulled by a Ford F-350 diesel truck.  Check out the photos in our Travel section.  One of my first modifications was installing a ham radio station and antennas.  See the photos in the Ham Radio section.  

I think my interest in cars is waning.  I sold my BMW M3 Convertible and was driving the F-350 diesel truck - a dually we use to pull our 5th wheel trailer - but I got lonesome for a convertible so I bought a Mustang GT Convertible!  Carol was driving  a Ford Expedition but in the interest of fuel economy she is now driving a Honda Odyssey. 

I was driving this ... then drove this ... a BIG difference! I'm driving this...

Please use the links at the top of the page to check out my Ham Radio station, my past and present cars, my homebuilt computer (c.1975), other activities, and to find out about my career in computer software design. 

As for working around the house and yard, itís a lot of maintenance, with occasional improvements.  Between the gazebo and the deck around the pool Iíve got a lot of wood to stain each year.