The Berry Family of Central Texas

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Outdoor Kitchen

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At some point Carol convinced me that she needed an outdoor kitchen and in a weak moment I agreed.  I started in March by dismantling one of the existing decks and its bench seating.  I then leveled the frame, which had shifted and settled over the last 20 years, and added new framing to double its size. 

After I had laid the new decking we decided to use brick on the outdoor kitchen so I had to pull up every other deck board and reinforce the framework with concrete blocks to handle the weight.  I also built a new bench seat as the old one had several rotting supports.  Then I started building the island's framework using galvanized steel. 

I bought a Jenn-Air five-burner grill, a side burner, combination 2-drawer and door unit, and a 3.6 cu ft refrigerator.  After building a small pedestal to learn how to work with steel framing, I built the main island and then joined the two pieces together and faced it all with 1/4" Hardie board.  I bought brick veneer from Lowes and limestone corners from a local quarry.  The top is ArcusStone poured in-place by a local contractor. 

It was October when I finally finished it and we had the "first lighting" to test everything.  Unfortunately, the weather turned bad and the holidays came quickly so we didn't use it until the following Spring!  I bring the refrigerator inside and cover the grill for the Winter.