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Carol continues to work part-time at the church taking care of their database, but including time with the Ladies Club and advising new staff members, it involves quite a few more hours. She also devotes time to painting and creating pieces for the annual Cinnamon Bear crafts show she has been part of for many years. This was another great year. She sold all of her hand-painted Christmas ornaments shortly after show opened!  Between the church, her crafts, and eight grandchildren she stays pretty busy.  Click 'Carol' on the left for more information and photos of Carol's hobbies and activities. 

Richard continues to stay busy with improvements and repair work around the house and on the RV, and he continues to be active with his ham radio upgrading equipment, building new antennas, and operating.   He runs 5K every other day, works out on his BowFlex or rides his bike, and occasionally plays tennis.  He enjoys running with Carol, the kids and grandkids in races such as in the Cupid 5K.   Click 'Richard' on the left for more information and photos of Richard's hobbies and activities.    

Thanksgiving 2013

Front:  Austin, Noah, Macy
Middle:  Jackson, Suzanne, Amy, Annette
Rear:  Shane, Kenley, Stephen, Angela, Carol, Richard, Madison, Harper, Richie


All the Grandkids - Fourth of July 2013
Top: Jackson and Macy
Next down:  Madison and Jeremiah (boyfriend)
Next down:  Angela, Harper, Noah, Austin
Tailgate:  Kenley



Stephen, Amy, Angela, Kenley, Noah


Amy, Stephen, Kenley Angela, and Noah


Suzanne, Shane, Austin, Jackson


Suzanne, Jackson, Austin, Shane



Annette, Richie, Madison, Macy, Harper

Macy, Richie, Madison, Harper, Annette