The Berry Family of Central Texas

Then and Now


Big RV Trip 2009 


In May we travelled to Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and South Carolina. 

Independence, Kansas

Our first stop was Independence, KS, to visit Richard's cousin Virginia and her husband Dan.  Our arrival at the RV park was quite inauspicious!  We came over the hill into Elk City State Park and the road disappeared into the water!  Heavy rains had caused flooding and half of the park was flooded.  Luckily we got the RV turned around and found another entrance that was above water. 

We had a great visit with Virginia and Dan, including a marvelous Italian dinner at a local restaurant.  After touring Italy for 2 weeks last year we were amazed to get such good Italian food in Kansas!  Virginia is a part-time host at The Little House on the Prairie outside of Independence.  This is one of the locations in which the Ingalls family lived.  They became well-known from the book and TV series of the same name. 

We also visited the park and playground in Independence and rediscovered the corkscrew slide that was Richard's favorite when he was a boy.  When all of the children were gone Richard slid down it - we have video!  He also climbed on the steam engine that Uncle Alfred took him to see when he was about 10 years old.  Exploring the area around the flooded park we encountered a snake who headed the opposite direction as fast as we did!

Centralia, Missouri

Several of Richard's cousins live in or near Centralia, MO.  Upon hearing that we were coming through they arranged a family reunion luncheon.  On the way here we stopped for lunch in Camdenton (the Ozarks) to meet Richard Phelps who was married to Richard's cousin Jo Ann.  Jo Ann passed away a couple of years ago and we had never met Richard so it was a great visit.  He also joined the reunion luncheon in Centralia. 

The luncheon was principally organized by cousins Pauline, Opaldene, and Sandy, with help from their kids and grandkids.  While staying at an RV park in Columbia we experienced a terrible thunderstorm with high winds and horizontal rain. 

Elkhart, Indiana

We dropped the trailer at the Mor/Ryde factory in Elkhart, IN, to get an upgrade on brakes and suspension.  This is Amish country so while there we toured some traditional tourist sites such as Das Dutchmen Essenhaus.


Clinton, South Carolina - Christopher's Graduation

The last stop was to visit Carol's sister Candy and her family in Clinton, SC.  Their son Christopher was graduating from high school and we got to attend.  There was also a very nice reception at their home.