The Berry Family of Central Texas

Then and Now

Suzanne's Family


This past year has been a quiet one for the Coeís.  Our family vacation was West this year to the Grand Canyon.  Along the way we saw Meteor Crater, Painted Desert and even stayed in an actual Wig Wam.  We finished the vacation with some family time visiting Shaneís dad in Albuquerque. 

Shane is on his 5th year with HEB working nights.  Although the nights are taking their toll, Shane enjoys the time he gets to spend with the boys after school.  This past year he was assistant coach for Austinís baseball team.  In the Spring they took 1st place for the season as the Cubs.  Come fall Austin moved up to 11/12u baseball.  Again they brought home 1st place for the season and won 1st place in the tournament.  Shane and Jackson have enjoyed time playing Skylanders and Shane even taught Jackson how to ride his bike without training wheels. 

Suzanne continues to work for Bath & Body Works making this her 17th Holiday.  She was given a new challenge to run a store during the holidays and has been very successful.  Her store is currently number 6 out of 125 stores in the region.  Along with work she is still President of Ladies Club at church.  One year someone else may take over.  When she isnít at work she is volunteering at the boys school for PTA.  In the rare quiet moments she still manages to get some reading done and even gets the chance to run with Carol & Annette a few times a week.  In May she and Jackson did a mud run with Annette's family - see photos below.  Suzanne has also taken on a new adventure selling Thirty One - check out her Web site at

Austin is growing like a weed.  He is now in Jr. High in the 6th grade.  Itís weird he is attending the same Jr. High Suzanne did.  His favorite subjects remain Science, Social Studies, and Math.  All the doodling last year paid off as he is in Art this year and really enjoying it. He even has one of his pieces of work displayed in the hallway at school.  Of course he is playing baseball.  In the spring he continued as pitcher and catcher.  Once he moved up in the fall he moved to the infield and pitcher.  He really enjoyed the change of pace.  Even made some of his best plays at 3rd base.  Canít wait to see what the spring season will bring us. 

Jackson continues to surprise us.  He is in 2nd grade and has a fabulous teacher!!  In the fall Jackson was chosen as the Friendship Ambassador for his class.  This is a big job as there are only 7 Friendship Ambassadorís in the school.  Just like Austin, Jackson excels in Math and loves doing Science experiments.  He still loves building with his Lego's and is trying to out-build his brother.  During baseball season you can usually find Jackson playing in the dirt pile with the other younger children.  In December, Jackson will make his acting debut as Elfis in his school play.  He auditioned for the part and was the best Elfis. 


At Austin's school sock hop

Cub's spring baseball championship

Jackson and the limo for the cookie dough fundraiser

Before the mud-run in May

After the mud run

Fall championship as the Rattlers


A family photo

At Meteor Crater

At Grand Canyon South Rim

Wig Wam Motel on Route 66

Suzanne as Kelso the Frog at Jackson's school...showing the kids how important it is to read

Jackson doing science experiments