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Annette's Family


We sadly must report that Dakota left us in November.  We got her in 1999 from a breeder around here somewhere (can't remember exactly where).  She was a great patrol dog, would wake up in the middle of the night and do her "rounds," wonderful "mother" to Willy and even Kitty (although Kitty was afraid of her). We had to put her down last month, November 2013.

Richie has had an eventful work year, upgrading jobs twice!  In April he was offered a job as a sales representative for a concrete pump company.  While this job allowed much more free time and play time, Richie found that he was getting bored.  By September, he received an offer he couldn't refuse as a general concrete superintendent for Capitol Concrete.  He describes the job as his dream job that every superintendent works toward.  A few of his current projects include the Formula 1 track in Austin, the new Baylor University in Waco, and several In and Out Burgers throughout Central Texas.  While this job keeps him extremely busy, he is enjoying himself immensely!  

Annette continues teaching but changed things up this year by switching from 3rd grade to 1st grade!  While the change was voluntary, she has discovered that 1st grade is much more challenging, as 6 year olds just don't have much of an attention span.  She finally took the leap this summer and began a master's program to work toward her educational administration degree.  With each class lasting only 5 weeks, it can be intense at times, but she "keeps on trucking."  When she has "free" time, Annette still enjoys running and completing Pinterest projects.

Madison is in her final year at East View High School and she will have the honor of being in their first ever graduating class.  Her senior year has been a busy one!  While she decided not to participate in cross country this year, she has become extremely involved in an organization focused on helping the homeless students within the Georgetown school district.  She currently serves on the board as a representative for her school.  She spends countless hours at meetings, fundraisers, and community events to promote the cause.  She also continues to serve as a senior class representative at school, which adds more meetings and fundraisers to her schedule.  The most exciting part of senior year has proved to be getting her first college acceptance letter from Baylor University, along with a four year academic scholarship.  The pure joy and excitement she is feeling is priceless!

Macy is moving up in rank and is now in the 3rd grade at Knowles.  She continues to love school, excelling in both math and writing.  She also continues to move up in gymnastics.  When competition season begins in January, she will be competing at Level 3 on all events.  Her routines have become more challenging, but she still loves it!  She ventured into playing volleyball in the fall and has found a new love in it.  She just finished participating in a skill building session and has every intention of playing in the spring league.  She has no limits on what she wants to try... she has expressed on numerous occasions a desire to play football in the fall!  We'll see...

Harper continues providing entertainment for us all!  She is a live wire and keeps everyone on their toes.  She is in her second year of the preschool program at Annette's school and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  Some of her favorite activities include singing and dancing, playing Barbies, doing gymnastics, and playing with her American Girl dolls.  She will be turning 5 shortly after Christmas and is eagerly awaiting her trip to Disneyworld with Nana and Papa! 

Off to Utah!


Madison's famous Drama Queen Video