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Latest Addition - Yearbook
Photos from Richard's High School Yearbook - Rio Grande High School, Albuquerque, NM - 1963

Big News of 2009!  Harper Jo Land was born at 11:32 AM, January 5th, 2009.  She weighed 7 lb 10oz and was 19 1/2".  Annette and Richie are now raising three girls! 

In these few pages we'll give you some highlights of our family and adventures.  Click on the links at the left for an update on specific family members and activities, or on the links below for specific Highlights. 

The family is still growing!  After adding grandson Noah in 2007 and granddaughter Harper in January, we now have eight grandchildren!  We finally managed to get a group photo - see below!

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2009 Highlights   

Kauai, Hawaii
Big Trip - RVing to Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and South Carolina
Family Happenings

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2008 Memories to keep for a while ... 

Two weeks in Northern Italy and Italian Riviera
Family trip to Ponderosa Campground, Colorado

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Ancestors and Relatives


Phyllis Chiuminatto
1920 - 2009

It is with great sadness that we convey the passing of Carol's mother - Phyllis Chiuminatto, in May. 

Phyllis Barnicoat was born in British Columbia in 1920.  Her father was an American citizen so she also had American citizenship.  The family moved to Butte, Montana when she was still a little girl.  Phyllis had a twin sister Marge who currently lives in California.  She also had an older sister Stella, and younger brother Ed. 

In 1943 she married Joe Chiuminatto while he was on leave from the Army.  He had graduated from the University of Washington and went into the Army as a Medic.  They were married 65 years. 

Following WW II, Joe was a Microbiologist serving the Public Health Service, Bataan Hospital, Kirtland Air Force Base Hospital and Lovelace Clinic in Albuquerque, NM, for 33 years until his retirement.  Phyllis was a homemaker. 

Her children are Carol, Gary, and Candy.  Phyllis was an avid collector of dolls, painted plates, and Christmas houses. 

Joe passed away in November 2008.  For the last few months Phyllis had been saying she just wanted to be with Joe.  We honor her and we shall all miss her.


Carol continues to work ten hours a week at the church taking care of their database, but including time with the Ladies Club and advising the new director of Creative Beginnings, the pre-school she founded, it involves quite a few more hours. She did devote more time to painting and creating pieces for the annual Cinnamon Bear crafts show she has been part of for many years. This was her best year ever. She sold most of her major pieces in the first two hours and all but one of the 80 Christmas ornaments she made!  Between the church, her crafts, and eight grandchildren she stays pretty darn busy.  Click here for more information and photos of Carol's hobbies and activities. 

Richard has been staying busy with improvements and repair work around the house and on the RV, and he continues to become more active with his ham radio – upgrading equipment, building new antennas, doing public service projects and operating in contests.   He and Richie had a great time taking Macy on her first dove hunt near Uvalde, Texas. There weren’t many doves flying but they got over a dozen along with lots of great video of Macy - for photos click here.  He runs 5K every other day, works out on his BowFlex, and occasionally plays tennis.  Click here for more information and photos of Richard's hobbies and activities.    

Thanksgiving 2008

Front:  Austin, Jackson, Angela, Noah, Macy
Middle:  Kenley, Carol, Richard, Amy, Harper, Richie, Annette, Madison,
Rear:  Suzanne, Shane, Stephen


All the Grandkids!

Madison, Harper, Macy, Austin, Jackson, Noah, Kenley, Angela


Stephen, Amy, Angela, Kenley, Noah

Stephen is still building new schools for Leander Independent School District. The district opened two new elementary schools and a new middle school for 2009-2010.  Amy's contract as municipal court prosecutor expired in 2009, allowing her to focus more time building a private law practice while still enjoying a blossoming tennis career.  Kenley and Angela have remained focused on sports and academics as they finish up their last year in elementary school, and Noah played his first tackle football season.

Click here for more information and photos of Stephen's family. 

Noah, Angela, Kenley, Amy, and Stephen


Suzanne, Shane, Austin, Jackson
Suzanne continues as President of the St. Helen Ladies Club and participates in the PTA at the school Austin attends.  She also continues to manage a Bath and Body Works retail store.  Shane works for HEB grocery and plays in a mens softball league.  Austin is in 3rd Grade and plays coach-pitch baseball after playing T-ball for 2 years.  Jackson attends the pre-school that Carol founded at St. Helen. 

Click here for more information and photos of Suzanne's family. 

Shane, Austin, Jackson and Suzanne.



Annette, Richie, Madison, Macy
Annette now teaches 3rd Grade at Knowles Elementary.  Richie continues building projects with FT Woods construction, and he enjoys hunting and competitive fishing.  Madison is in 8th Grade at Zion Lutheran School and continues to enjoy playing volleyball for the school team.  Macy is four and even more full of mischief.  Harper is eleven months and learning quickly from Macy!

Click here for more information and photos of Annette's family. 

Harper, Madison, Richie, Annette, Macy